Clubhouse 7, Week 5

Hey Clubhouse Families

WOW I feel like it was only yesterday that I was writing last week’s blog. The days are quickly passing us by as we enter the last two weeks of camp. With a jam packed schedule coming ahead of us the next two weeks I know the girls are getting very excited for the big O, all the end of summer events but especially their first senior B Secret show. They’ve been working hard after taps, rec swim and free play learning the song and the dance ready to WOW the rest of camp!

The past week has also been crazy, the event of the week though i would have to say is DJ Jeff! The girls looked perfectly awful dressed up in their lazy one boxer shorts, crazy hair styles and lipstick positively all over their face… a true Romacan tradition! The girls danced the night away and I know are still paying for the tiredness now!

We have also had this week the Senior As birthday night which was Harry Potter; the girls separate into the birthday seasons (winter, fall, spring and summer) and celebrate each other’s birthday with a themed song, cake and food! Also just a few days ago we had the Debs Carnival… this year’s theme… Paris! The mellow French music actually brought a nice chill vibe to the day, but the girls had fun eating snow cones and cotton candy, getting their face painted, walking through the haunted house and winning tickets in many carnival themed games to win prizes!

Tonight we have our last social with Greylock so I’m sure they girls will look the best they’ve looked all summer and they have also requested that the counselors dress up in ‘something fun’ so what that means I guess we will find out later…

I’m hoping this next week does not fly by as quick as this but I look forward to filling you in next week on how their girls have spent their week in their first senior B olympics with their lieutenants leading the way.

Speak to you soon