Clubhouse 7 Week 4

Hey Clubhouse Families…

Firstly I can’t believe i’m writing the end of week 4 blog! Time is going too fast!! Hope you have all been well since we saw you last weekend, the girls are still working hard trying to eat their way through all their food. But I know that they had an amazing day so I hope you did too!

Not too much has happened since we last saw you last. We’ve literally just got back from our trip to Newport, RI which was eventful to say the least and we’ve also had a little bit of two steppin’ and dosey doe’in to Cliff Brodeur on Monday night!

The trip… On the first day we headed straight to the beach where the girls were all straight in the water jumping their way through the massive waves. Also whilst getting covered head to toe in the red seaweed but that didn’t seem to bother the girls too much, they had fun! We had a nice chilled first day after this we headed back to the hotel to shower and then headed to a movie & dinner. I think one of the girls’ highlights was getting to do a night swim at the hotel pool on both of the evenings too.

Day 2 we headed out in the morning and our first stop of the day was a sail boat tour on the ‘schooner Madeleine’ around Newport Harbor. It was a bit of a foggy morning but still some beautiful views… and NO SEA SICKNESS WOO! The girls then headed out in their walking groups for a shop around the local shops in Newport (favorite part i think), buying gifts for themselves, their camp sisters and a group gift to give to camp. In the afternoon we headed over to The Breakers Mansion for a tour. It was definitely giving bridgerton/downton abbey vibes, It was beautiful inside and i think the more we got into it the girls showed slightly more interest. The evening was all about the good food… Hibachi and ice cream at Ben and Jerrys, what could be better? and then of course back to the pool for a swim!

The final day we let the girls vote on what we wanted to do and of obviously the outcome of that… SHOPPING! We spent a few more hours looking around the little boutiques in Newport before heading to the mall in providence. I think the girls loved getting off camp for a change of scenery but were definitely happy to get back to camp… and straight back into secret show practice (A very very very long song and dance to learn from Romrec before the end of the summer, i’ll fill you in on how it’s going along the way!

Lots of love