Clubhouse 7 Week 3

Hey Clubhouse Families!!

Hope you are all doing well and getting ready to see these lovely ladies on sunday! The girls are very busy getting ready for their show to wow you all! Our schedule this week has been jam packed with rehearsals learning the dances, the songs and of course getting to hang out with the boys too! (their favorite part i think).

We have had a fun-filled week of all camp activities too; International day, Staff swap, Campfire, During international day the girls go around to stations from all the countries we have staff from and participate in an activity from the country and obviously the best part is the FOOD! We had some good old British football (soccer) and strawberries and cream in England, Hot dog eating competition in the US, Latkes and writing on the Western wall in Israel, Quesadillas & salsa dancing in South America, we also had Ireland and Australia.

The girls have been in so many tournaments this week from swimming, to soccer, basketball, the track meet and volleyball. So nice to see all the girls getting involved and bringing home trophies & ribbons!!! We definitely have a competitive squad here!

We’ve also had a streak of birthdays over the last week so the girls are very much filled up on pizza & cake. I know they are really looking forward to seeing you all this weekend whether it’s for you or the food you’re about to bring! I know you’ve all received their very long lists.

Can’t wait meet you all, see you sunday