Clubhouse 7 Week 2

Hey Clubhouse Families…

What a jam packed week we’ve had since we last spoke, more birthdays which means more pizza and cake, so many occasions to dress up, so many events just to get messy and have fun and also… another social with greylock to be dressed in their best and to spend the day straightening their hair!

The girls have auditioned and got their roles in their show this summer which is….. LEGALLY BLONDE! They have their first play rehearsal coming up with the greylock boys which i’m sure they will love, Our ladies get to shine bright in pink once again.

We got to see the girls’ creative and competitive side this week in a room v room kickball tournament but of course with a twist; each room had to dress up in their own chosen theme. We had ‘the greylock boys’, ‘black out’, ‘neon’ and ‘Adam Sandler’! Neon took the win!! Also a chance for the girls just to have fun and get messy… SUPER SLOPPY NIGHT. A fun filled and slop filled obstacle course complete with a slip and slide, make it through the course as fast as you can whilst getting a face full of shaving foam, a bucket of water on your head and even water guns to the face!

We have also had an amazing week of all camp events. We took 4th July across two days this year; Berkshire Bob’s fireworks on Sunday evening and on Monday the usual 4th of July fun…Rap battle, paint your counselor, cook out and a red white and blue campfire! Before heading to berkshire bobs we had one of the best events of the summer… Lip Sync Battle! The girls broke off into 4 groups in the division and had to come up with a song they could lip sync to and also choreograph the moooves! From this a winner was chosen to compete in the final from the whole camp which was Room 1 with Mama Mia - Lay all your love on me.

Stay tuned next week for how the play rehearsals have gone before we see you all on visiting day!

See you all soon

Lots of love