Annex Week 4

Hi Families, well what a week it has been. The weather has been HOT HOT HOT this week but we have been enjoying the sunshine. Firstly, Visiting day was such a success all the girls had the best day EVER. They were all so happy, it really was so lovely to see you all again for my 5th visiting day with you all. They spent the whole night talking about how happy they were to see you.
On Monday we enjoyed a whole camp activity ‘ Romrec Pageant’ This is where the girls were split up into groups and assigned a Romrec girl. The groups were also given a theme for example the incredibles, fergie from black eyed peas. The campers had to dress their Romrec girl in clothes and LOTS of accessories to match the theme. They also had to come up with a talent for the group which would then be performed to the whole camp. The girls just love this. They then walked the catwalk giving it EVERYTHING and were fabulous while doing it. Monday night we ended the day with our traditional Cliff Brodeur line dancing in the barn, the girls got dressed up in their best cowgirl outfit and promenaded the night away!!

From Wednesday- Friday we took a trip to Boston. We had such a beautiful but very hot and sunny few days. We explored Newbury Street, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market and lots more. We all really enjoy the quality time away from camp together. We enjoyed the famous Boston duck Tour around Boston learning about the history and visiting famous landmarks off boston. We Then enjoyed MORE yes MORE shopping at quincy market. The girls were busy around the shops shopping for camp sister, Boston buddy and of course the camp gift. The camp gift is a very special gift that all the girls take a lot of thought and time into buying as it is a symbol of their division, the trip and it also has a very strong meaning behind it.

Our last day we enjoyed whale watching where we were VERY VERY lucky to see at least 6 beautiful humpback mothers and their calves. Which I have to say personally was a very special and breathtaking moment to be able to spend with the girls. We were also very lucky and saw a large blue shark which is a very rare sighting so that was nice. After a few hours on the boat we enjoyed a well deserved lunch before heading back to camp.

All the girls were Amazing on the trip, they really are a credit to you. They are such a lovable, happy young group of girls who made such lovely memories and made such bonds on the trip. We look forward to another VERY busy week here at camp and enjoying every moment of it. Have a lovely week an enjoy this fabulous weather, Love always Bethany x