Annex Week 3

Hello my lovely Annex families, It’s me again!! I hope you’ve been having as much fun as we have here at our summer home.

This past week has been jam packed with activities and fun. This week we started with International day. This is such a camp favorite. The Annex girls were divided into groups and made ‘pilots’ and then led the whole camp around the different countries. They visited Israel where they wrote wishes on the western wall , The UK were they played soccer and enjoyed eating strawberries and cream , Australia where they ate fairy bread , South America they enjoyed quesadilla and salsa dancing , Scotland enjoyed shortbread , and Ireland drank beer ( non alcoholic ) and learnt how to speak irish words. As they traveled around they got to taste the food of different countries and also dance and drink local drinks to get into the spirit of different cultures. Annex were so good at leading the camp around.
We have also had MANY MANY discussions within Annex this week about banquet and we have FINALLY come up with a theme ( which is AMAZING ) the girls are all super super excited. They have put themselves into committees and are working so well together to make it perfect. It’s so sweet seeing them all working as such a team to make the banquet as perfect as possible.

While Romrec was away to Cape cod Annex had the pleasure of leading Romaca in song as they led campfire for the first time. I was so proud to be sitting in the circle with them decked out in their purple. They were singing their hearts out and living in the moment it was so magical. They really took it all in and got a taste of their romrec 2023 campfire.

As you know this weekend is visiting day and ALL the girls are SO SO SO EXCITED!!! They have been writing their visiting day lists for days. I am also super excited to see you all again after being away for 2 years due to COVID.

Thank you all for being so great and helpful, I hope you have the most lovely week :) see you all on Sunday xx