Annex Week 2

Hi Annex Families

It’s hard to believe we are in week two of camp!!!! I Can’t believe I’m saying that. And it’s been a BUSY week. Between the 4th of July, Campfire and paint your counselor Lip Sync Battle and counselor swap. The Girls have NOT STOPPED, but they are enjoying every second.

On Sunday we celebrated Independence day with our favorite camp activities. Even though we got a little rain we didn’t let that stop us. We started the day with a late wake up which was such a nice start to the day. We then went full steam ahead from there. We had a Fun full camp activity Lip Sync battle. Which is taken VERY seriously as we have a lot of competitive girls in Anne, I love the passion and energy that they deliver. Each division first sing’s per bunk then it’s judged and decided which bunk per division will perform in front of the entire camp to represent the divon. Each and every single girl in Annex gave the performance of their life and I cannot tell you how proud I am of them ALL. The best thing was ANNEX WON THE BATTLE!!!!!!

Once we had our glorious win from Lip Sync we all got ready and enjoyed a lovely family style dinner together before we headed off to our annual trip to Berkshire Bobs house for an Amazing firework display. Annex shared a bus ride with Romrec which was such a bonding experience for them all together. Singing, dancing ( on seats ) and hearing them laugh together is so infectious. During the fireworks the girls sat together and enjoyed the moment together which was such a capturing moment. The girls were so Exhausted from the day’s Craziness so they were excited to see their beds at the end of the night.

On Monday July 4th We continued our Colorful Festive day, Everyone was looking stunning in their Read white and blue spirit wear. When I say we went hard on the spirit wear we went HARD and I Loved it. They firstly broke up into their divisions where they created symbolic and patriotic songs to perform in front of the whole camp. We then got ready and headed to the waterfront for paint your counselor. It was also so lovely to see all the girls laughing and getting messy and being silly together then refreshing in the lake together after washing the paint off.
To finish off the night we all dressed in red, white and blue and had a campfire at the waterfront. Campfire is such a special time where everyone comes together and reflects on the week we have had together and really appreciate the time we have together.

It really is true when they say, ‘ time flies when you’re having fun’

Have a great week Love Bethany