Romrec Week 6

Dear Romrec Families,

We kicked off this week with the hotly anticipated Romaca Relay (formerly known as Apache), where the whole camp is divided into team green and team white. Each team performed tasks as quickly as they could all across camp, eventually tagging in Romrec to build a fire as high as they could to burn a salt water-soaked rope. The relay was pretty even all the way to the end, but as we got to the fire-building, there was only one winner: Team White! After the victory, the girls stormed into the lake to celebrate their victory with their Romrec 2021 cheer. It was a truly magical moment.

Then, the whole camp gathered for our annual gymnastics showcase. The event was super cute and everyone had a fabulous time. Romrec performed their most coveted cheer, which brought the house down. After the showcase, the girls had their dinner with Jeff and Daniel out at the waterfront. Everyone had a really nice time, watching the video that you all made for them and enjoying amazing food. We ended the night with campfire indoors, which was really special as we are coming close to the end.

Monday was full of divisional activities for the girls to enjoy together as Romrec 2021. Tuesday, we had Deb Carnival. The girls worked at carnival stations like cotton candy, popcorn, face painting, and more. The carnival ended with the annual Romrec pie-eating contest which was full of fun and excitement. The contest ended with all the girls jumping into the lake, covered in pie.

That evening, the camp gathered together for the Talent Show, where the girls performed a dance routine that they had learned over the summer. During the show, Olympics broke out! Everyone ran over the bridge to the gymnastics pavilion for the ceremony to begin. Emily Elias, Darcy Slater, Steph Novick, and Nikki Mazur were the chosen captains for the four countries, and all of Romrec celebrated their achievement. The next three days were full of Olympic activities, all ending with the Sing competition in the Rec Hall. It’s truly incredible to see how much the girls can accomplish in such a short space of time and how well they can perform under such intense pressure. I am very proud to be their grouphead.

Have an amazing week, Ellya