Annex Week 6

Hi families, Another busy week at Romaca. Our Saturday began with the Romaca Relay. The girls were divided into the green and white teams to compete in an all camp relay race which ended at the waterfront and rope burning. To say I was proud of the annex girls would be an understatement. Annex ran back and forth collecting wood so that the Romrec girls can build the fire building. They all ran and worked so hard to represent their division. When the rope burned through, the they all charged into the water to celebrate together. On Sunday we had counselor hunt and a gymnastic showcase. Everyone was excited to watch and each division had the opportunity to compete in a head and handstand competition. On Monday evening Annex set up a nightclub for the super juniors and juniors. They assigned themselves jobs of bar tenders (soda pourers) bouncers and animators. The younger groups had so much fun dancing with their older camp sisters. On Tuesday morning, the entire camp was woken up by pots and pans by the Debs group. This is our traditional wake up which represents the start of Debs Carnival. This year the theme of Debs Carnival was… the creepy carnival! Our evening activity of talent show ended up with a dramatic fall from a group head and an ambulance arriving all to create an elaborate olympic breakout. The Lieutenants and captains were named and the camp was divided into the teams of Kenya, Iceland, Panama and the U.S.A. The events have been non-stop, the spirit wear has been insane, and the singing and team work have been incredible so far this olympics. We finish this evening with Sing and the winners will be crowned. With no break from excitement we will be moving into an intense week of banquet preparation and end of year shows! I can’t believe the summer is nearly over!