Romrec Week 5

Dear Romrec Families,

Another amazing week at Romaca! The weather was beautiful for us this week and we were able to have regular wake up almost everyday! The girls have really missed the sun so it was a welcomed return. They were also able to have full days of activities and rec swim. All of romrec were able to go swim with their friends and create some more wonderful memories together. On Sunday we started off with some activities in the morning, then broke off into groups for “Miss Romrecer”. The girls were given a bunk to work with and get dressed up by them. We had a fabulous pageant type show with the whole camp in the rec hall. The girls were absolutely FABULOUS!!

On Monday, we had Birthday Night which was hosted by the Senior A’s. The theme this year was Casino Night and the decorations were absolutely amazing. The girls had a blast teaching the season songs to the rest of camp and leading them in a performance in the rec hall at the end of the evening.

On Tuesday we had some liquid sunshine which didn’t seem to affect their camp spirit at all. For evening activity we read letters they wrote to themselves from clubhouse 7 summer which was really sweet. We had wacky hair day on Wednesday with the most popular idea being how many pony tails you can get on one head. For our evening activity we had a night swim which the girls loved!!

Taco Thursday was a hit and we followed it up with an all camp movie in the rec hall to stay out of the rain. The girls had their final social with Greylock which was super nice, and they took a group photo to mark the occasion. On Friday we had Backwards Day. So we began the day with Taps and Tattoo and then dinner of pasta! We then went on to have our activity periods backwards and have breakfast for dinner. For evening activity the girls practiced their cheer to prepare for the gymnastics showcase on Sunday, (it looks amazing BTW).

We are really looking forward to the start of all the special events in the weeks to come, Romrec cannot wait!!

Have an amazing week, Ellya