Romrec Week 4

Hello Romrec Families,

What a wonderful week we’ve had! More liquid sunshine has come our way, but the girls still had fun in their activities on Monday. Romaca hosted our weekly campfire at the waterfront which had magnificent views. It was an extra special campfire for Romrec because the girls introduced their Romrec 2021 song to camp. On Tuesday, we had our Virtual Visiting Day filled with fun activities and delicious food. In the morning we had the Romrec-Advisory Visiting Day softball game which was competitive and fun. We ran around in groups for Treasure Hunt where each camper won a vintage Romacan baseball hat. The end of the day was square dancing hosted by the one and only Cliff Broder. The girls had a fabulous time promenading around the rec hall, leading the rest of camp in song and dance. We started our Wednesday morning going to Target to restock our bins. We enjoyed fun in the sun down at the waterfront and on the boats. We all took a break and went to our favorite Berkshire Ice Cream shop, Topsy’s (yum) Thursday, the girls started to work on Secret Show in Creative Arts. The girls are super artistic and creative as they have been creating plaques for many occasions including their hike and the Romaca Academy. On Friday, we got to do a very special Romrec activity–Shack and Back! We all swam from the shores of Plunkett to a shack across the lake and back again. The girls really enjoyed this experience and left their mark by leaving their names on a pebble by the shack. They will also commemorate their achievement by creating a Shack and Back plaque. This weekend, the girls are very excited to watch the juniors show and get all decked out in red to support their camp sisters. The girls introduced the annual lollipop game to camp on Saturday morning and the girls are all running around trying to “pop” (tag) their person. We can’t wait to see who the winner of the lollipop game will be.

Warm Regards, Ellya