Romrec Week 2

Hello Romrec Families,

I can’t believe it has already been two weeks! Time flies when you’re having FUN! We started off this week with a spectacular 4th of July celebration. We played a special July 4th themed Predator game, followed by Paint Your Counselor. We topped our night at Berkshire Bob’s watching a spectacular display of fireworks. Romrec chanted loudly as they led the camp in songs and they presented their beautiful signs to Berkshire Bob himself.

On Monday, Romrec led their second campfire of the summer. The girls were thrilled to start their senior choice schedule in between the liquid sunshine. They were all so happy with their personalized schedules.

The girls packed their hiking gear and began their hike on Tuesday. Some of the girls were a bit hesitant at first because they didn’t know what to expect. They came back belly laughing sharing funny stories from the hike. They had a wonderful time and enjoyed the gorgeous views. Most of all they were so proud of themselves for completing the hike.

On Thursday, they had a lovely rest day to recuperate from their two day hiking experience. In the evening, the trainee girls helped them prepare and learn their DJ Jeff dance. They are all so excited to perform their dance for camp. I must say, they have some great moves!

Friday night, the Romrec girls took the lead at Twin Night, creating amazing costumes for their camp sisters. All the girls are such amazing big sisters and have been leading their younger campers through their first experience as little and big sisters. Saturday night we watched our Annex friends put on a stunning performance on stage. We went back to our bunk to finalize our packing for our trip. We leave for Cape Cod early Sunday morning and are looking forward to fun, silliness, and sharing more bonding moments together this week.

Warm Regards, Ellya