Annex Week 5

Hi families,

This week we have seen lots of sun and rec swims which has visibly lifted a lot of spirits around camp. After we all unpacked and recovered from our Boston trip on Saturday, we had a cookout and watched the cutest Snow White show performed by the super juniors and juniors.

On Sunday we had a fun-filled packed day. To start the day, we had a late wake up and delicious brunch. Then we had an all camp “Miss Romrecer” event. Each bunk was assigned a Romrecer who they had to style, teach a talent, and then prepare for our pageant in front of the camp. The show was a great success for all. After the show some of the girls went to brother-sister dinner at camp Greylock and then everyone gathered back together in the evening dressed in spirit wear for an indoor campfire.

Wednesday was declared Wacky hair Wednesday by Romrec, so your girls along with the rest of camp showed up for lunch in amazing(ly ridiculous!) hairstyles. The most popular look was trying to achieve as many ponytails as possible on one head! That afternoon, Annex went to Topsy’s as a reward for achieving the highest senior B score for clean up. When your daughter returns home I recommend telling her that you will be hosting tours of her room on Tuesdays and Saturdays to maintain her tidying up skills :)

We watched an all camp movie after our Taco Thursday lunch which gave us the opportunity to digest all the guacamole. This led the way for Annex to write a song about the importance of sourcream alongside guac. This became a very controversial topic within the bunk. We also managed to get some creative arts time to push forward with our banquet prep. The girls are really organizing themselves well and coming up with some incredible ideas to make banquet the best one yet.

On backwards Friday, all the girls came to flagpole with their clothing backwards and enjoyed pasta dinner (at 9am). All activities were reversed and we made it through to the end of the day without too much confusion and had a delicious egg and sausage breakfast at 6pm. Fortunately we kept our evening activity in place as the girls had a social with Greylock. (I don’t think I would have been very popular if I switched it to 10am!)

Saturday was our traditional all camp Romaca Relay and then the nervous excitement of Olympics will really be in the air as they anticipate when and how it will break out!

Stay tuned, for next week will be a busy one!