Annex Week 3

Hi Annex families,

Our busy Sunday began with an all camp game of Romco/minute to win it. While Romrec was away on their trip, Annex stepped in to lead the camp in the green and white themed indoor campfire. They did a great job introducing themselves along with choosing the songs to sing. They were all so engaging and happy to take on this great role.

The sun was out at camp for most of this week which was incredible! The girls were so happy to be back in their senior choice schedule routine. I loved seeing them having fun at their activities and enjoying the warmth of the sun at rec swim.

We have had an exciting week of evening activities. Annex made a BIG decision this week. We chose our Banquet theme which is a SECRET! We narrowed down to our top two options and all voted. The girls were thrilled that the vote was unanimous and are so excited to start planning the festivities. We began organizing different committees and they have been buzzing with so many great ideas! We planned an evening of confidence building activities. This activity took place in gymnastics and included falling into the foam pit. It was a fun night for all of us and they each had a great sense of pride for themself along with supporting each other.

As if I could forget Thursday’s activity… DJ Jeff came to Romaca for another incredible show! The girls danced until their feet hurt and then danced a little bit more! Needless to say they all moved at a slower pace on friday and were happy when it was time for lights out.

On friday evening there was an all camp activity of counselor auction. Annex bid on the 2 trainees and won, for the bargain price of $1200 Romacan dollars…. A sneak out!!!

Our busy 3 days of visiting day activities have begun with phone calls and the girls are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their packages. Over the next 3 days they have trash bags to catwalk to look forward to as well as a staff softball tournament, a romrec dance party and treasure hunt!

I hope you enjoy your time talking with your beautiful girls. I’m sorry I don’t get to see you all in person this year. Have a wonderful weekend!

Best, Rachel