Annex Week 2

Hi Annex families,

Your girls have had a great week despite the ongoing sprinkle of rain. Luckily for us it means we’ve been able to spend more time in the rec hall preparing for our division’s upcoming show. I’m so impressed with the girls’ courage on stage, they are all natural performers and have really worked hard with the PAWS department to create a spectacular show for the rest of camp. The show features a variety of elements of disney stories which were created by our PAWS staff. The girls are so excited to perform their roles for the camp.

We had a fun-filled day celebrating Independence Day. We started the day with a twist to our annual game of Predator which is similar to an enthusiastic game of tag. I was so impressed watching Annex help the younger girls run around camp while helping them avoid being caught. We continued the day with a Paint Your Counselor for our 4th of July celebrations and then an incredible firework display at Berkshire Bobs. They have all settled into camp life and a lot of the first week butterflies have faded away. The group of girls are truly amazing and have provided each other friendship, laughter and support which has been special to witness. We have been focusing a lot on calming techniques and a special yoga class was provided to them during free play to help those who need to find some tranquility amongst the occasional chaos of living with 24 girls. We then magnified the chaos when surprising them with their first afternoon social at Greylock. Fortunately they had all figured out their social outfits this week… just in case!

We have been bouncing around some funny and unique Banquet theme ideas. I’ve created some pinterest boards for them to share their creativity and help them to focus on deciding on a final theme. The girls are so excited in anticipation of DJ Jeff coming to camp along with taking on some important roles next week. Romrec will be off camp this week so Annex will step in and lead the rest of the camp at campfire. I have great confidence that your girls will shine as they wear their purple color and sing loud with great energy. Hopefully next week will be another fun filled week with the addition of warm dry weather!