Annex Week 1

Dear Annex Families,

I am so happy to be back at Romaca and spending the summer with your beautiful girls! After they finished unpacking and decorating their space, they pulled out their amazing purple spirit clothing for our first campfire of the summer. We all then made a special wish for the summer ahead. It was incredible to see how happy everyone was to be back together.

The Annex girls have a tremendous and energetic attitude no matter what activity they are doing. In the first week of camp we have managed to squeeze in a Lip Sync Battle, Get to Know your Counselor, Get to Know your Camper, and extended rec swims with their regular activities. One of my favorite evening activities this week was Senior B statues. This is where the girls from Romrec, Clubhouse and Annex come together to dress up and act out a camp scene which I’m sure you can imagine can get quite silly. The Senior Bs’ then assigned each Senior B girl a “secret summer sister” as another opportunity for the girls to develop special bonds while encouraging them to all look out for each other.

In such a short space of time, it’s very clear to see what an amazing division these girls are going to be. They are all so unique, fun and supportive of each other. I’m super proud to be their Annex group head and I am excited to watch them grow over the next few weeks both as a division and individually. Their spirit and bravery have already impressed me so much!

Warm Regards,