Annex, Week 3


Hello Romaca families!

We are all very excited to see you on Sunday at Visiting Day! We have had another wonderful week here at Romaca filled with special events, time in the sun, competition on the courts and fields, and tons of laughter with friends. DJ Jeff was a blast with Romrec “wow”ing us all with their awesome dance and all the little kids dancing and partying through the night! The Annex girls went on a fabulous hike and the Senior A’s put on The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Greylock! We had a swim meet with Greylock and our Romaca Tennis Invite as well. We had a soccer tournament, a Volleyball tournament , and Romrec took on the Cape and Nantucket!

Busy week!!! Phew!

Enjoy the radio show and see you soon!