Annex 2019

Annex, Week 2

Happy week 2, Romaca Families!

Our weather has been gorgeous and the campers have all settled in beautifully and are super active day and night! The girls run around all day long with their friends and camp sisters and Romacan family from all age groups-visiting each other in everyone’s bunks, playing on the courts and fields, playing an intense game of tetherball or “Spit”, or a mean game of ping pong outside their bunks. We are so proud of how all of the little ones have adjusted-you wouldn’t believe how much comfort and confidence they all have. We have enjoyed beautiful weather, a fabulous Fourth of July, some socials for the older girls, and a fabulous performance of Mary Poppins. We can’t wait to see The Wizard of Oz tonight and look forward to DJ Jeff and Visiting Day next week! It’s hard to believe how fast the time is slipping away already! We have survived our first phone calls home, and are glad you all have, too! Enjoy our weekly WRCR podcast-this time broken up more by age group/division, as the girls “broadcast” about their week at camp! See you next week!


Lauren and Debra