Voices of Romaca, Week One

Live From Romaca

Happy Saturday, Romaca Families!

We have been here for one week and we have had such a successful and happy week back at our favorite place on earth! As you probably have seen, Camp Romaca is slowly testing the waters of social media land. We are doing it carefully and cautiously, and OUR Romacan way. We aim to show you beautiful moments and share the emotion and beauty of camp, not just individual campers’ faces (which would only cause you to spend your summers at home glued to your screens). We know you chose Romaca for all the right reasons and we want to continue the spirit and traditions we have always honored so carefully. These pictures will offer you a little glimpse and a taste of our summer days here together. However, equally as exciting is an awesome new improvement to our weekly “log” newsletter blogs. We felt these needed a little jolt and we think we came up with a great modern, yet “campy” way to do it. Tune in weekly as we bring back an old relic from back in the days of, wait for it…RADIO, when Romaca had its own radio station affectionately called WRCR. Each Saturday we will “broadcast live” for our listeners at home, a radio show (podcast ;-) so you can hear the sounds and voices of our summer home. Just click the link and enjoy! We hope you feel the laughter and joy in the girls’ voices..much better than reading an email…and that it makes you smile. Our wish for you is that, just for a few glorious minutes each week, this podcast can help you feel like you, too, are in the Berkshire air surrounded by creaking bunk screen doors, a warm breeze in the pine trees, faint squeals of joy coming from the Wibit, songs and giggles in the background, the sound of the Rec Hall piano in the distance, cheering from the fields down the path, and the feeling of the sunshine on your skin. Enjoy!

Lots of love,

Lauren and Debra