Trainee and Floaters, Week 6

Trainee and Floaters, Week 6

Hey Floatee (Floater & Trainee) Families,

Firstly, I just wanted to introduce myself, for the Trainee families it’s JESS, Im back! And Hi to the Floater Families and I am happy to get to know your girls better this summer! I’ve been a grouphead for the past 2 years at Romaca and it’s great to be back with this amazing bunch of girls that I missed so much over the months. I am so happy I was able to return for these weeks to be their Group Head and to continue getting to know all 19 of them. :)

I didn’t arrive until Saturday night and missed out on a fun filled Deb Carnival, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing feedback on the girl’s haunted house. They were dressed head to toe in rather wet clothes as if they’d just emerged from Plunkett for their scary skit that they performed numerous times throughout the day. The girls quickly dried off and switched their zombie makeup out for a fresh face and headed to to see Mamma Mia 2!

They did an amazing job greeting all the grandparents and name tagging them on their way into camp before scurrying around to ensure everything was all set for Apache Relay. They fully planned Apache Relay this summer themselves which went perfectly! The rope burn began and emotions were high as all the girls remenised of their Romrec summer. A fabulous Green and White Campfire quickly helped to turn those frowns upside down singing their favorite camp songs.

Gaz & Ryan took the floaters to Ozzies (which is the best brunch place in all of Hinsdale) for some delicious food and a quick catch up! There has also been many visits to Juice n Java for both the Trainees and Floaters during the week…. And here’s me thinking Romrec summer was all about the food… it continues!

And the main event this week…. OLYMPICS HAS BROKEN OUT!!! The girls are doing an amazing job at reporting the happenings at each event for the Torch… rain or shine… they’ve been there to ensure the latest updates are shared with camp!

As we head into the last week of camp, Trainees and Floaters are becoming closer and closer which is very nice to see as I love getting to know the Floaters better and being with my Romrec 17 girls. They are looking forward to what the next days have in store for them including Secret Show, Subsway, and Movie Day. They all are truly having the best days here at Romaca as alumni and it is a pleasure to watch them do so.

Love always,