Sub-Seniors, Week 7

Sub-Senior, Week 7

Hello my lovely Sub’s Families,

Don’t know where has the summer GONE…… This summer has flown by… You know what they say ‘the week’s are long but the days are QUICK’. Feels like every aspect of camp is QUICK and I mean in a blink of an eye.

There is no way to prepare for the last week of camp, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, It’s very daunting to think that this time next week we won’t be at our home in the pines with the people that we love so much. This last week at camp has been CRAZY to say the least. We have been so busy working on getting Subsway’s up and running, the theme was picked, the menus were chosen, and the sunshine was ordered LOL. The theme was……… NETFLEX!!!! Everyone loved it. All the girls got really into it, they had so many ideas, they are quite the creative bunch. It was lovely to see them all work together, sharing their favorite movies/shows, old and new. The girls spent hours making the decorations and preparing the food. The sun was shining, the food was delicious, my personal favorite was the pizza bagles, those were delicious, YUM. The girls worked the food stands, taking charge of the food stations, their table service was 5 stars all they way. After a successful day of hosting and entertaining the camp the girls took a divisional jump into the lake. It was a sight to see as they were chanting their Subsway song that they created in the water. We were also treatd to ice cream at Hinsdale Trading Company. :) Subsway was such a success, I was so proud of all the girls pulling together and working as a team to make the day great for everyone.

As soon as we got Subsway packed away it was time to get ready for SECRET SHOW!!!!! This show is created by Romrec and performed by the Senior B’s, the theme was a secret, hence the name. The girls put their eye masks on and where escorted into the Rec Hall for the big reveal of the theme… MATILDA. The scenery was out of this world, skits and songs were so comical, a lot of laughs were had. Matilda is such a great story that everyone loves and knows. Romrec then lead the camp with their farewell songs, there wasn’t a dry eye in sight. Everyone was together witnessing and connecting over their love for Romaca. It was a special moment watching the younger girls really appreciate their time spent here this summer. Camp is such a special place to each and everyone one of us.

It has been a pleasure writing to you all summer. I am glad I was able to share this amazing journey at camp. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the summer with your amazing, talented, beautiful, girls. You should ALL be super proud of yourselves for raising such angels who bring me joy and laughter everyday. I have enjoyed spending the past 3 summers with them and hopefully more to come.

Much Love,