Senior A's, Week 7

Senior A’s, Week 7

Dear Senior A Families,

Wow… the summer flew by!!! I can’t believe how the last day of camp just around the corner. We had a phenomenal last week and the girls made lots memories that I know will cherish forever!

Before we began our last week of traditional camp events/evening activities, we ended our divisional evening activity in a HUGE MESS!!! Saturday night we had SUPER SLOPPY NIGHT and trust me, we were all (including me) covered in shaving cream, baby shampoo and were slippery wet with baby oil and water. We were covered before the race even began because the girls saw the water guns and water buckets and they were out to get their counselors, friends and me. We then put the girls through a maze that was more difficult than your typical maze because the girls were faced with challenges set up by their Counselors, Trainees & Floaters. There was SCREAMING, RUNNING, and BELLY LAUGHING!!! We ended the night all jumping into the lake and splashing around. What an incredibly EXCITING NIGHT!!!

On Sunday morning the girls enjoyed breakfast in bed that was distributed by the Sub-Senior division. The rest of the picture perfect day was spent down by the Waterfront where the girls enjoyed the Subsway Netflix themed lunch. We all had a great time together playing on the inflatables and eating the food that the Subs prepared for the camp. We ended the day with a treat from Hinsdale Trading Company where the most popular ice-cream ordered was blue-goo. It was so refreshing!!! That evening the entire camp enjoyed Secret Show which was performed by the Senior B’s (Clubhouse, Annex and Romrec). The Senior B’s blind-folded and led us into the Rec Hall to watch their rendition of the show Matilda. The girls wrote the script incorporating silly things that have happened throughout the summer. After the show, Romrec sits in the middle and sings beautiful, personalized songs thanking different areas and people at camp that have had a tremendous inpact on their summer. We had our last very SPIRITED camp fire where the girls wore their blue spirited clothing for the last time. Our girls presented our gift that we bought the camp while we were on our trip in Lake Geore/Saratoga. During the campfire, they each received a beautiful necklace that is only given to the Senior A’s and is very meaningful to the girls. Later in the week we went to Counselor Show, where the girls watched another secret theme show of Mama Mia. The girls really enjoyed watching their counselors perform and sing/act things out that were directed at them.

We ended our week with Movie Day, Banquet and Wish Night. The girls went to the Berkshire Mall where they either watched Dog Days or Hotel Transylvania and shopped together with their friends. After Movie Day, the girls came back to get themselves ready for Banquet. All the girls put on their fancy clothing and and headed to the Dining Hall to take pictures and enjoy a special night that was put together by the Annex division. All of your girls looked stunning and enjoyed taking pictures with their friends. After the meal, Romrec awarded the Spirit Awards and Loyalty Plaque was displayed for all camp to view.

I know the girls are looking forward to watching the camp slide show to reminisce on so many special moments that we all shared together. We will then head down to the waterfront for Wish Night which is always a beautiful and somewhat tearful final moment spent all together as a camp.

I am sure you are all anxiously awaiting seeing your girls on Friday. As they are all traveling home, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to take care of each of your girls this summer. I loved spending the summer with them and will miss them over the 10 months.

Enjoy the year ahead!!!

All the Best!!!

Debbie Hansel