Clubhouse 7, Week 7

Clubhouse 7, Week 7

Hello Clubhouse Families!

What a jam packed week it has been! They had the best time working with their teams for Olympics, supporting their Captains and Lieutenants through out the process. They competed in activities all around camp and showed off all the skills that have learned throughout the summer. They are extremely talented at writing songs about camp which was performed for all camp to see during Sing, the last event of Olympics. It was incredible what they managed to write and teach to the younger campers in only three days, truly magical, they have really done everyone proud.

As Olympics came to a close the girls turned there eyes to the last few days of activities. Putting as much into them as possible and I had the pleasure of joining in with them at some of those activities. Sunday was Subsway, which means we spent the day down at the Waterfront. The girls really enjoyed hanging out together, running and sliding through the slip n slide. The Subs put out great array of sandwiches for all to enjoy for lunch. Clubhouse really had a great time eating together on the picnic tables. Then we jumped into the lake at Rec Swim and the girls had such fun on the wibit and hanging out in the water floating around on noodles with each other. We also were treated to ice cream from Hinsdale Trading Company, the girls always enjoy this treat. :)

The girls had the pleasure of being apart of their first Secret Sshow, Matilda, which was a huge success. They really worked hard with the rest of the Senior B’s to put on a magnificent show for all to see. They learned and practiced the songs and dance for most of the summer and it really paid off. They were fantastic and it was a joy to watch them have fun up on the stage with all their friends.

As time at camp draws to a close, we look forward to Banquet and Wish Night and having as much fun with each other as possible. I have had the best time being with the girls for the summer, watching them grow into such wonderful young ladies and it’s going to be absolutely heartbreaking watching them go.

That is all for the summer. Wishing all of you an amazing year ahead!