Annex, Week 6

Annex, Week 6

Dear Annex Families,

It’s true what they say, there really isn’t ever a dull moment at camp!! This week has proven that statement again and it has been so wonderful to watch all of the girls throwing themselves right into the middle of everything and getting involved.

This week the girls watched the Jinters play, Wicked. It was so adorable and everyone really enjoyed it and it is safe to say there were certainly a few members of the audience singing along and using their (legal) lollipops to sway along to “Popular”.

The girls had a great time on Sunday and it was such a treat to get to watch them all running up to greet their grandparents, sitting them down on their beds and telling them all about the fun that they have been having this summer. After tasting those first few bites of Grandma’s home-baked cookies the girls were off and out the door with smiles from ear to ear, dying to show off all their new skills at their activity areas. The day was a great success and everyone had a fantastic time. Some of the staff even dressed up as grandparents to play substitute for those campers that had grandparents who were unable to attend. The girls all found this very entertaining and it was great fun to see everyone playing and laughing together.

After Grandparents Visiting Day ended, we began Apache Relay. This is where the camp is split into two teams; Kiawa and Shawnee and take part in a camp-wide relay race. The girls have to complete tasks like rigging a sailboat, painting an oobs nails and sining the “Chicken Dance” song with all of the actions. The race eventually ends up down at the Waterfront where the Romrec division has to build a fire and burn through a rope. Annex was amazing running back and forth collecting birch, sticks and branches from the woods to help feed the fire that Romrec was building. If only they could move that fast during clean-up! :) The aim is to be the first team to have your fire burn through the rope that hangs overhead. This year Kiawa won. The minute the rope fell, the Annex and Romrec girls all ran to the water and jumped in together, cheering, laughing, crying and hugging each other. It was so fantastic to watch them all celebrating together as a division, regardless of which team they were on.

The gymnastics showcase this week was AMAZING! Each of the girls performed, either as part of the cheer or dance team or as solo and smaller group performance. The talent, passion and of course, SASS was undeniable as the girls took to the floor. They were all so confident, soaking up the atmosphere of support from the audience.

This week also marked the 2018 Olympic season! The countries this year are Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and Mexico. The break out was brilliant and all of the girls were so excited, running across camp for the big reveal before rushing to the Gymnastics Pavilion for the crowning ceremony. I am so proud of all of your girls and it was so amazing to watch them all celebrating for each other and being happy for all of their friends who were named as captains and lieutenants. I am so excited to see all of these wonderfully talented girls working with their teams and showcasing their unique skills and representing their adopted countries.

It has been so incredible getting to know all of your beautiful young ladies this summer and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get closer to them all. They truly are an extraordinary group and I cannot wait to see all that they will achieve in these closing chapters of the summer.

Until next week…