Annex, Week 4

Annex, Week 4

Dear Annex Families,

It was so lovely meeting all of you on visiting day! I hope that you all had a great day with the girls. It is hard to believe that we are over half-way through the summer now! The girls are doing so well and are all so excited for what the second half of the summer holds!

The girls have had yet another busy week of activities and planning! There has been a lot of buzz and discussion surrounding Banquet and the girls are all communicating with such maturity and respect for each other throughout the process. It is such a treat to get to watch these strong, intelligent and wonderfully creative young ladies come together as a team and bounce off each other’s ideas and opinions in a way that is so inclusive and collective! I cannot wait to see the event develop and be a part of this exciting time with the girls!

The girls have also been involved in helping Romrec with Secret Show. They have been learning the songs, attending meetings and, most importantly of course, helping to keep everything hush hush amongst the younger divisions.

On Monday afternoon the whole camp came together for Counselor Hunt. This is where the staff are hidden all over the camp and the girls split up into groups to find them. Each staff member is worth a certain amount of points so that at the end of the event the “hunted” staff members and their points can be added up and the group with the highest score wins! The girls got so into the event and loved running around searching for the staff, who were equally, if not even more into the game than the campers!! That evening, we had an all camp campfire where Romrec presented the song that they are adding to the songbook. The girls were all decked out in purple, singing their hearts out and joining together with all of their summer sisters!

The girls had a lot more to look forward to this week. Cliff Broduer was at camp on Tuesday night. The girls were ready to “promenade, promenade, promenade” in their plaid shirts! This event is always great fun and it is so wonderful to see the girls all dancing together and being silly.

We are now on our Boston TRIP! The whole bunk was filled with energy as the girls prepared by scanning through packing lists and asking all of the important questions; “Which roommate will bring the shampoo? How will I carry all of my visiting day snacks? How many cute tops will I need to bring?” The girls are looking forward to making great memories and I will update you next week on all the adventures we shared in Boston

I hope you are all having a great week.

Warmly, Courtney