Romrec Week 6

Romrec Week 6

Hello Romrec Parents,

WOW! What an amazing week. It started with Grandparents day which was looking a bit dismal when we awoke to rain showers and a forecast of more to come. However, we witnessed a true Camp Romaca miracle because as soon as the grandparents stepped foot on camp the rain stopped and it turned into another wonderful day in the Berkshires. It was a pleasure meeting several of your parents. Your kids enjoyed spending time with their grandparents, eating and sharing stories of their summer thus far. The next day we were into a special event… An all camp Lip Syncing contest. Romrec split up into 4 groups and performed 3 rounds of Lip Syncing to a Disney/TV show, Broadway song and Pop tune. The competition was fierce but we narrowed it down to one team who would compete against Annex for the sing off. Romrec won and made it to the final round. However, the Sr. A’s took the gold in the final sing down.

On Tuesday we had Apache Relay. The camp was split into two teams, Kiawa (white) and Shawnee (green). Each division competes head to head against each other in a huge relay. The final event is rope burning by Romrec. The girls worked fiercely to build a fire high enough, strong enough and hot enough to burn a rope high above their fire. After an hour and a half they teamed up to create one huge team and worked together to burn the rope. It was a great way to show their unity and selflessness. Once the rope broke they screamed in glory and rushed the lake singing all for one and one for all. It was a very touching and memorable moment.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. That same day we were bidding on Counselors at the Counselor Auction when suddenly Daniel interrupted sending the camp to the tennis courts. Torches were lit, lights were flashed, banners were revealed and the Olympic Song echoed throughout camp as our 2016 Olympics broke out. Screams of excitement and tears of joy ran down their faces as they awaited the announcement of the captains. Since then the girls have been striving for the win in all the Olympic events. They’ve competed in track and field, fitness, climbing wall, sailing, softball, skiing, basketball, swimming, small crafts and so much more. I am so proud of how well the girls are displaying their leadership ability. A captain is only as strong as her crew and I am so happy to see everyone supporting each other and making this the best Olympics ever.

This weekend they will perform their Secret Show that has been in the making all summer long. They write the script, the songs, and the scenery. It’s the closest thing to a Broadway production that you can get. I think the camp is in store for great things to come from Romrec 2016 as we wind down into our final week.