Romrec Week 5

Romrec Week 5

Hello from Romrecland!

As always, we had an extremely busy week! Last Sunday we watched the Deb’s performance of Tangled. We were all dressed in the Debs division color of yellow to show of support and spirit . We also had a rededication ceremony of the new Barley Softball Field in which the entire camp was a part of! An alumnae from the 70’s/80’s opened the game singing The Star Spangled Banner followed by a Romrec vs. staff softball game. Music played, hot dogs, popcorn, chips and soda were served as the camp watched Romrec and the staff play ball. It was an amazing afternoon but it didn’t end there. We had our annual treasure hunt followed by super sloppy fun at the waterfront. The girls were covered in shaving cream and had water fights at the waterfront. Later that evening Romrec performed their final show of The Addams Family! Their performance brought the house down, it was amazing to watch them shine so bright on the stage. They are a talented bunch!

Monday we resumed regular scheduled activities and ended our day with the girls leading a green and white campfire. They have displayed true leadership and I am so proud at how unified they have become. Tuesday morning they packed up their gear and headed off for their 3 day hike to the White Mountains. They learned to set up tents, cook their own food and survive in the wilderness not to mention a full day of hiking to eventually reach the breathtaking summit. It was quite an accomplishment! Upon their return they jumped right back into action as we celebrated Birthday Night. The Senior A’s went all out this year with a Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory theme serving dinner outside the Rec Hall and a camp wide celebration with songs and cake. Once again Romrec had the opportunity to display their leadership ability by teaching each season their seasonal song and presenting them to the camp.

We concluded this week with our second trip to Target and an afternoon at Deb Carnival with an outer space theme. The girls were in charge of serving popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and lunch to the entire camp. They also had their annual Deb Carnival Pie Eating Contest. Of course in the blink of an eye it went from a pie eating contest to the biggest food fight you can imagine. Girls were covered in pudding and sprinkles. They rushed to Lake Plunkett for a quick dip and clean up! They ended their day decked out in orange and red spirit wear for a fantastic performance of Aladdin performed by the Juniors and Inters.

Next week brings on more events with more excitement with the anticipation of Grandparents Day, Apache Relay and of course Olympics!