Dates & Application

2021 Dates

Our current camp season opens on Friday, June 25 and closes on Friday, August 13. Along the way, here are the important dates you should be aware of.

Camper Get-Together **May 2021** TBD
Pre-camp (staff) Tuesday, May 25
Staff Orientation Tuesday, June 15
Opening Day Friday, June 25
Rookie Day 1 Saturday, July 10
Parent Visiting Day Sunday, July 18
Rookie Day 2 Saturday, July 24
Grandparent Visiting Day Sunday, August 1
Closing Day Friday, August 13
Family Camp Weekends TBD

2021 Tuition

All tuition and fees are non-refundable after September 15. Tuition/Program Cancellation Insurance is available. See the online Camper Application for specific details.

7 weeks Tuition
(1st-10th grade completed)
Trainee/Floater Tuition
(11th grade completed)

$7,150 and up
Round Trip Bus/Airport Service Fee $250 and up
Supplements Fee
Includes: laundry service, day trips, daily ice cream & parties, lice screenings, inbound email service & printing, outbound phone calls, bulk sunblock, and replacement sundries & hygiene items.
$495 and up
Multi-Day Trip Fee
(7th-11th grade completed)
$695 and up
Camper Spending Money
Consistent with our egalitarian approach, campers in each grade have a prescribed amount of spending money, billed with enrollment.
$70 and up

Payment Schedule

Some installments may not apply to certain programs. Please see the online Camper Application for specific details.

  • $3000 upon enrollment
  • $3000 more by December 1
  • $3000 more by February 1
  • Balance to be paid by April 1

Online Application

Once summer ends, most campers immediately re-enroll and what little space is left fills up quickly. Don't miss out!

Apply Now

Apply Now

Please visit this page on your tablet or desktop to fill out our online application. Thanks!