Lauren Barnett

Lauren is Romaca's Head Counselor for the 1st through 6th grade age groups.

Lauren began her Romacan journey as a spirited camper in the Debs division.

Years later, as a counselor at Romaca, she discovered her passion for working with children. Lauren earned a degree in psychology from Lehigh University and then a Masters in Counseling Education from NYU. After graduation, she worked as a middle school guidance counselor. Lauren returned to Romaca as a Group Head in 2009 when her two daughters joined the Romaca family.

Romaca’s traditions that encourage friendships and playfulness are most important to Lauren. She finds great satisfaction in helping young girls master challenges they once thought were impossible.

Lauren continues to work with children and teens throughout the year, and recently authored a book about pre-teen girls. She lives in Westport, CT with her family during the off-season.